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Bryan Avigne - Owner & Principal Photographer

Bryan Avigne - Owner & Principal Photographer


We are hopeless romantics and an award-winning photography team who love to photograph life’s most special moments. Internationally known for wedding, lifestyle and boudoir, we are one of the leading photography companies in the northeast. With over a decade of experience, we have been published in various publications and print magazines. To anyone who meets us, our passion for life is obvious right from hello, viewing everything around us as a source of inspiration. We combine our passion for creating, and our love for teaching to help elevate our work.

What best describes our style?  Well there's no real answer to that.  We like to think of it as a culmination of personal connections, warmth, fireworks, attitude, craziness, compassion and luck.  These are all factors that contribute to successful relationships and strong families; and all factors we love to include in our photography.  It’s a profusion of emotions, feelings and building blocks that set the course for amazing results.  But if you’re reading this, you know that already. It’s our job to extract these qualities and capture them in everlasting memories.  Thank you for checking us out.  We want to share these things together with you and build the start of a lifelong relationship.

Christina Avigne - Owner & 2nd Shooter

Christina Avigne - Owner & 2nd Shooter


We are a team and always have been.  From the first day we met in 2000, we became best friends.  Later through the years we got married, truing the old adage of "today I marry my best friend" and we've been growing closer ever since.  It is that closeness, love, passion and devotion we bring with us to your wedding.  We love demonstrating a dip or a sweet romantic kiss on the nape of the neck.

The photos you see are us in truest form; taken on vacation, a hike, a day of boating or cutting down our Christmas tree.  Yes, even we take selfies!

We have two sons and two rescue pups so our family is absolutely important to us.  We love to travel, live for the water and can't get enough Pitbull and EDM.  We invite you to come into the studio, which is part of our home, sit down and have a cocktail with us as we talk through your event or project.

We don't like the term photographer and clients.  Instead, we would rather look at us as friends. We maintain close relationships with many of our past couples - including dinners, parties, drinks and even getaways.  Take a look at our testimonials page and hear what people have to say.