Ready to Empower Yourself with the Beauty of Boudoir?

Because we take the art of boudoir very seriously, we have created a sister company dedicated solely to the beauty of it.


A Bryan Avigne Photography Company


Are you looking for that perfect anniversary present? A special wedding gift? Perhaps you are celebrating a personal milestone.  Then you are in luck!  Because we've had such success over the years in the boudoir industry, we decided to launch a sister company dedicated solely to the art of boudoir.  We call it Belle Cirene.  

Belle Cirene isn't just a typical boudoir studio - we offer more than just portraits.  We use selective lighting to highlight your curves and give the imagination a run for its money. So sit back and enjoy a glass of champagne while you check out our other site and think about the look on the face of your special someone when you share these photos. It's all about finding the beauty inside you.