Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks to Ease Our Clicks

We strive to make your day go as smooth as possible. Here are a few tips and tricks to help make your photos even more perfect.


Before the Wedding Day

Heal protectors: Most venues have beautiful areas for portraits, however, in most cases the bride and the bridesmaids have to walk over grass. 
High Heels + Grass = Quicksand. 
To prevent your shoes from sinking, consider getting heel savers for you and the girls.

Tuxedos and Suites: Check tux rental for appropriate size and that all accessories are accounted for as soon as they are picked up.  If you opt for bow ties, learn how to tie them well in advance.

Body Prep: We've taken these suggestions from our Boudoir business so we know how important they are.

  • Be conscious of body hair as it stands out in photos.
  • If waxing, make sure to have it done 3-5 days prior so any bumps have time to heal.
  • Moisturize your skin in the days leading up to your wedding.
  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not spray tan prior to your session. Although there are some great machines and talented spray tan artists, we feel the tanning spray casts a heavy orange glow on the photos that is very tough to remove - especially if your partner and bridal party have not received the same tanning application.  Our color correction process will make you look the way you should … trust us.

On the Wedding Day

Have a Backup Plan:  It never rains on our wedding days (and pigs can fly). Rain is not a bad thing!  It makes for beautiful photos that are romantic and unique.  However, it's best to have a plan if it does rain.  Remember, some state buildings and parks require permits so check in advance.

Minimize Shooting Locations:  It's never beneficial when we have to spend more time traveling than actually taking photos.  Most of the time we have about an hour to an hour and a half to capture formals. If we minimize our locations, we can maximize our shooting time.  Trust us, we can make any location work!

Accessories: Leave wallets, keys, phones and purses with somebody else.  These items make pockets bulge.  It's also a good idea for Moms to leave them with somebody for the processional. This way they aren't shown coming down the aisle.

Formal Photos: To make these go smoother, we recommend having a shot list for the extraneous guests that may not be part of the immediate family.  Inform them ahead of time where to be and when so we don't have to send someone to wrangle them up.



At the Reception

First Dance (and Parent Dances too): We know how much that first dance song means to the two of you.  Dance to it.  Embrace through it. Kiss during it.  Just please, don't sing it to one another.  We all make silly faces when we sing and photos with mouths open never seem to be quite as romantic.

Speeches:  We have one simple tip for this one - don't eat while the speeches are taking place.  We shoot your reaction to the speeches and salad between the teeth is never attractive.

Table Shots: We understand the thought process to having these, but we always steer away from them for several reasons.  1) people are never at the table.  Someone is always in the bathroom or at the bar. 2) It is very time consuming - taking us away from more productive photos.  This is even more evident when there are large centerpieces we have to move so they don't block everyone.  3) bar glasses, food and people's belongings are always in the photo and are very distracting. 

Instead, we recommend setting up one large group shot after the ceremony or on the dance floor.  If you develop a shot list ahead of time, you can have those guests included in the family portraits.  Portraits they will be proud to display on their walls.

Supplies to Keep on Hand:

  • Lipstick - At your makeup trial, ask your makeup artist the name of the lipstick he/she used and get some of your own for the day.  If he/she uses a custom blend, ask him/her to whip up a little extra batch to take with you.
  • Blotting Paper
  • Baby Wipes - Great if you have kids with dirty hands, but they also remove stains from dresses, dirt from shoes and makeup from suit jackets.
  • Water - For you and your bridal party.  We want to make sure everyone stays hydrated (and sober) for the group and family shots.
  • Babysitter/Nanny/Child Care - Let's face it, weddings can be pretty boring for kids, especially during the formal photos.  Have someone on hand to keep them occupied.  Not a bad idea to have some bribes on hand if they are not the kind of child who likes posing for pics.
  • Sunglasses - Guys love group shots with sunglasses.  Just make sure everyone in the wedding party has them.  We don't want anyone to be left out.