Alicia and Barry Maternity Session


Our relationship with Alicia and Barry goes way back, as we started their journey with them with their engagement session. We grew very close along the way and loved capturing their wedding as well. So when we found out they were expecting, we were so excited and thrilled for the opportunity to photograph a maternity session as well.


We wanted two separate looks for this session - one outside capturing the beautiful light and the other in studio where we could control the light and really play with it to highlight Alicia's belly and beautiful pregnant self.


We constantly stress the importance of hair and makeup for all of our sessions and you can see why in these photos. The fun part of it was toward the end when Alicia changed into a more revealing outfit. We tousled her hair for that sexy look and she worked the camera like she owned it!


The other main components are self confidence and the trust in us to create the most flattering image. We know how uncomfortable it is to head into those final weeks of pregnancy and the last thing a mom wants to do is reveal herself, but we think these images are both encouraging and empowering.

You will be able to see the baby photos in a later post.