Charlotte & Matt | Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon Village, AZ


This wedding holds such a special place in our hearts that we find it's hard to put into words. Yes, the scenery is fantastic and yes, the location is beyond comprehension, but the relationship we formed with Charlotte and Matt is the real love of it all.

Flying out to the Grand Canyon early was a treat for us as we had never been there before. Not only were we ecstatic to see this giant wonder of the world, but it gave us time for two very important things: 1) to scout the area of the ceremony and reception before the wedding day, and 2) to spend time with Charlotte, Matt, their friends and family and get to know everyone on a personal level. This always leads to better photos as everyone is comfortable when it comes time for family and friends portraits.


We had the opportunity to attend the rehearsal at Yavapai Point and watch the sun dip down over the rim of the canyon. We snapped some photos of the couple and their friends that evening as well. This is one of the great features of having a local photographer travel with you for your destination wedding - extra footage!!


The wedding day turned out to be absolutely amazing. It was hot, but it was easy to forget about the heat as the wedding started. With tear-jerking vows, a soft wind and a perfect sunset, it was nothing but magic from the second we walked into the hotel room to start the prep photos.


We constantly show off these photos and have to explain that the scenery is real. It's hard to comprehend the immense hole in the earth behind us, but the colors of the rock and the glow of the sun are something to behold if you've never had the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon. Hopefully we can travel back with them at some point and relive it all over again!